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Clean Web Development

Responsive design and Custom Business Applications

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Digital Media

Video production for orientation, human resources and training

HR improved

Site Specific Safety Training

Customized applications and video

applied expertise

Graphic Design

Research and experience reflect your ability to connect with customers and clients


serving west michigan business

Benchmark Productions is a group of cooperating independent designers, web developers, and skilled communication artists. Founded in 1985, by Mike Vogas - Chief Project Manager, the business communicatons group cooperates with area agencies to complement services.

dedicated service

Benchmark Productions delivers exceptional graphic design, video, web development, photography and site specific safety training by coordinating the skills of independent designers and communication specialists. Studio and site photography by Fred Reinecke farphotofred.myportfolio.com

contemporary design

Our lead designer, Eric Hettenbach, delivers stunningly simple, pleasing design. hettenbachdesign.com

responsive web development

Maintaining consistency across devices is a specialty of partner Jon Sykes.shorefx.com